Commemorate A Loved One

If you wish to commemorate the life of a loved one with a link to the local area, particularly Emsworth or Westbourne, we invite you to donate to the arboretum in their memory. 

We suggest an amount in the region of £250, which is estimated to be the cost of a tree plus planting, ongoing maintenance etc, although we do not aim to dedicate individual trees. 

Your loved one’s name will, with your consent, be entered onto our memoriam page on this website, and in a book to be made open for public view in Emsworth. They will also be remembered on a plaque, with short wording agreed by you, to be part of a permanent memorial at the site. 

To make your dedication to a loved one, please complete and return our Donation In Memoriam form.

If you can't fill in the form electronically, or have no way of printing it, then we can send one out in the post. Please Contact Us providing your details, and we will get back to you.