Tree Locator

You can use the interactive map below to locate and select any individual tree in the arboretum, and discover more information about it.
tip lightbulb If you tap on the 'View Larger Map' button at the top right of the map, this opens it in Google Maps and you can then get the 'blue dot' which shows your current location. This makes it easier if you want to find a specific tree while visiting the arboretum.
Switch to the list view to get a table showing each tree planted so far. If you need directions to the arboretum, please head over to the Find Us page.
1 Blue Atlas Cedar B
2 Blue Atlas Cedar D
3 Giant Redwood C
4 Giant Redwood D
5 Tulip Tree C
6 Tulip Tree C
7 Rockhampton Red C
8 Rockhampton Red C
9 Chestnut Leafed Oak C
10 Chestnut Leafed Oak C
11 Black Walnut C
12 Black Walnut C
13 European White Elm C
14 European White Elm C
15 Sweetgum C
16 Sweetgum C
17 Weeping Silver Lime C
18 Weeping Silver Lime C
19 Freeman’s Maple C
20 Freeman’s Maple C
21 Pin Oak C
22 Pin Oak C
23 Oriental Plane C
24 Oriental Plane C
25 Giant Redwood B
26 Corsican Pine E
27 Monterey Pine E
28 Monterey Pine E
29 Western Yellow Pine E
30 Monterey Pine E
31 Western Yellow Pine D
32 Monterey Pine D
33 Corsican Pine D
34 Monterey Pine D
35 Corsican Pine C
36 Corsican Pine C
37 Western Yellow Pine C
38 Monterey Pine C
39 Western Yellow Pine C
40 Western Yellow Pine C
41 Corsican Pine C
42 Corsican Pine C
43 Monterey Pine C
44 Western Yellow Pine C
45 Corsican Pine B
46 Western Yellow Pine B
47 Corsican Pine A
48 Monterey Pine A
49 Western Yellow Pine A
50 Corsican Pine A
51 Corsican Pine A
52 Monterey Pine A
53 Western Yellow Pine A
54 European White Elm D
55 European White Elm D
56 Sweetgum D
57 Freeman’s Maple B
58 Freeman’s Maple B
59 Katsura B
60 Katsura B
61 Pin Oak B
62 Oriental Plane B
63 Weeping Silver Lime B
64 Twisted Willow E
65 Twisted Willow E
66 Bald Cypress E
67 Bald Cypress E
68 Bald Cypress E
69 Dawn Redwood E
70 Dawn Redwood E
71 Dawn Redwood E
72 Dawn Redwood E
73 Dawn Redwood E
74 Common Alder E
75 Common Alder E
76 Katsura E
77 European Larch A
78 Small Leaved Lime A
79 Small Leaved Lime A
80 Small Leaved Lime A
81 Large Leaved Lime A
82 Chinese Mahogany A
83 Chinese Mahogany A
84 Tulip Tree A
85 Tulip Tree A
86 Tulip Tree A
87 Serbian Spruce A
88 Serbian Spruce A
89 Serbian Spruce A
90 Japanese Elm A
91 Japanese Elm A
92 Japanese Elm A
93 European Hop Hornbeam A
94 European Hop Hornbeam A
95 European Hop Hornbeam A
96 Ohio Buckeye A
97 Ohio Buckeye A
98 Common Buckeye A
99 Common Buckeye A
100 Sessile Oak B
101 Sessile Oak B
102 Sessile Oak B
103 Nuttall’s Oak B
104 Nuttall’s Oak B
105 Nuttall’s Oak B
106 Burr Oak B
107 Burr Oak B
108 Burr Oak B
109 Sawtooth Oak B
110 Sawtooth Oak B
111 Southern Red Oak B
112 Southern Red Oak B
113 Spanish Oak B
114 Spanish Oak B
115 Ginkgo B
116 Black Poplar E
117 Black Poplar E
118 Black Poplar E
119 Black Poplar E
120 Black Poplar E
121 Norway Maple A