23 May 2024

The 'Friends of Hampshire Farm Meadows' group had a working party on the 27th of April. Their volunteers helped the EVMA mulch the trees that were planted in December.

08 February 2024

The January work party of the Friends of Hampshire Farm Meadows on Saturday 27th of January saw 15 people meet up on a cold, sunny morning and head up to the arboretum.

04 January 2024

Brendan Gibb-Gray, who was instrumental in establishing the Ems Valley Memorial Arboretum, sadly passed on the 26th December.

10 December 2023

2nd December saw the second major tree planting event for the aboretum, and it was amazing to see 30 volunteers turn out on a very cold and frosty morning to help plant 60 trees.

24 October 2023

A few photos of the arboretum and the surrounding area, captured on a beautiful sunny day by Cath Mant from Friends of Hampshire Farm Meadows.

25 June 2023

On Saturday 24th June in beautiful weather the Mayor of Havant and her Consort graciously inaugurated the new and beautiful sign at the entrance to the Arboretum.

05 June 2023

The EVMA sign was installed on Saturday 3rd June 2023 at the entrance to the arboretum at Hampshire Farm Meadows .

03 June 2023

As part of the Havant Borough Big Green Week (10th – 18th June 2023), the Emsworth Tree Wardens are organising an evening walk on Tuesday 13th June 2023 around Emsworth Town Centre.

27 May 2023

The task for The Friends of Hampshire Farm Meadows work party on Saturday 27th of May 2023 was to apply more mulch around the bases of the trees in the Ems Valley Memorial Arboretum.

03 May 2023

Spring in the arboretum – a brief report by Cath Mant from Friends of Hampshire Farm Meadows.

11 December 2022

The Beginning of the Ems Valley Memorial Arboretum

Acer x Freemanaii

Spring In The Arboretum

Spring in the arboretum – a brief report by Cath Mant from Friends of Hampshire Farm Meadows. 

Tulip Tree Leaf in springTulip tree Leaf
Acer Freemanaii LeavesAcer x Freemanaii

None of the trees are in full leaf yet but you can now see small leaves appearing on a lot of the trees now that spring has arrived. Others are just still stretching their buds. Some of the pines have suffered over the winter, but most are ok.

Lots of birds singing. Saw a linnet and a whitethroat and 5 circling buzzards. 

Meanwhile the trustees have been hard at work in the background. We are very grateful for the further input of local artist Marian Forster who designed our logo, in helping to adapt it to be made into a metal sign to stand at the site. A prototype, seen below, has been enthusiastically approved, and the full size artwork is now in production. 

Metal Sign

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